Ramakrishna Mission Sister Nivedita Girls' School, Kolkata

--- Besides the old, beautiful and spacious building with 35 rooms and a prayer hall, the school has 6 more buildings of its own which accommodate the Secondary Section, the Primary Section and the Industrial Section. 68A, Ramkanto Bose Street, Kolkata - 700003  (area 1 cottah 6 chittacks) has been purchased in January, 2008 for further development of the school.

--- The School has a library of selected books. The reading room receives periodicals and  newspapers.

--- The Primary Section has Classes I to IV. The section  has been separated from the Secondary Section since 1949.  It is managed by a separate committee constituted according to the Special Rules of the Education Department.
The present enrollment – 338.
No. of Teachers & Staff -  26

---  The Secondary Section is affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and is aided by the Government of West Bengal since 1949. It is managed by a committee constituted as per the Special Rules of the Education Department.
          Both the Primary and  Secondary Sections begin work everyday with  the chanting of Vedic Mantra and other  Sanskrit hymns and prayers. A small book containing these hymns and prayers is issued by the school for the use of  the students.  Special attention is given to the teaching of Sanskrit. Students of  both the sections are taken for excursions to places of  interest. They participate in various extra-curricular activities.

The present enrollment – 731.
No. of Teachers & Staff -  48

--- This department was started in 1903 by Sister Christine and Sister Nivedita, then called the Pura-Stree Vibhaga with the exclusive aim of  helping the local ladies to become self-supporting. It is  free of  tuition  fees.  Crafts  like  embroidery,  tailoring, and toy-making  are taught. It organizes an Exhibition every year which is highly appreciated. Since 1949, it has been recognized by the Directorate of Cottage and Small Scale Industries, Government of West Bengal, and it has been receiving the recurring grant regularly.

Ramakrishn Mission Sister Nivedita Girls School

Ramakrishna3Mission sister Nivedita Girls School

Ramakrishna Mission Sister Nivedita Girls School
Ramakrishna Mission Sister Nivedita Girls School